Produced by Talena Garten

"In the captivating video helmed by Talena Garten, a forest-bound young woman stumbles upon an arcane gathering: fire eaters, conjurers, and night beings. They’re immersed in a dance and fire-lit ritual, seemingly venerating a mysterious, sorceress-like figure" -


 Ekko the Strange deep dreams, creatively designs, and seductively delineates a luxurious musical psycho-geography on new album Mystique. His second full-length, it unfurls like a crepuscular landscape promising unexpected joys and dark thrills, beds of electronic rhythms and alien keyboards layered to beckon nocturnal bliss and pleasure. 

The artist’s name is “a reflection upon the curiosities in life,” Ekko says. “I have thought about changing the name to simply Ekko, because I feel that I echo my life experience … and you could say this project is a reflection of the strange or curious moments.” 

Mystique’s elegant but assertive coldwave is created from the psychic impressions only travel brings, evoking the mystery and dispossession of his new home referenced by Bowie in his Berlin trilogy. 

Writing, performing, and self-producing Mystique, Ekko has crafted a full set of sinewy, seething, cinematic anthems amid wet sonic wilderness. He originates from the dusky high desert plains of Les Bois, ID, and currently usually stationed in “Warszawa,” Poland. The album is self-mixed it as well, with J. Todd Dunnigan in the USA, and mastered by Branden Funkhouser at Radiohouse. 

“Living in Warsaw, Poland has inspired this record and my first record as well,” he says. “The city was destroyed during World War II. Since then, it has been rebuilt ashes of the past. I have great respect for the Polish people and the people of Central and Eastern Europe. I’ve developed some great friendships and have been inspired by different aspects of cultures outside of Amerika. People, places, and life experiences have directly inspired this record.” 

The sequence includes the resonant and jolting chamber-march of “Reanimate,” which is about escaping, “getting back to that special moment or place. All moments in time are unique and impossible to imitate or perfectly recreate. But this song speaks of the desire to do so.” Its nuanced swagger evokes the hauntology of desire, the deep-ache longing to eternally return. 

“‘Vamps’ is about realizing that we all are a circle of animals surrounded by wrongs yet breaking free from the stigmas and fucked-up views that the world can place upon us,” he says. Adding, “’Solidarity in Chaos.’” Its shuddering Goth plume of melody and whispers envelope the listener in glorious, urgent intrigue. 

Album opener “Exotic” has a synthetically supernatural grind to its beat, its moans of transfixed desire introducing the listener to Mystique’s exhibition of sound. “‘Like the ice, turns to flow... my heart awakens from the cold” its story unfolds, ruminating on “new life after death of past negative experiences, suffering.” It’s a magnificently mesmerizing yet restrained way to usher in the mordant jouissance of the record. 

Mystique clearly describes the almost amorphous, yet sensually captivating mystery of life experiences going into this album. “I’m fueled by discovery, and living in foreign lands,” Ekko explains. “I find living outside the common life interesting and inspiring.” 

Ekko The Strange had released one previous LP, Haunting Me, on April 1, 2020, but like most artists in this era imminent plans for shows and tours had been delayed. “I feel like Mystique has a few more layers than the first record,” he says. It carries the debut’s deep moods but heightens the vibrancy with dark velvet guitar expressions and nasty, pulsating synth throbs. Mystique seems programmed as a soundtrack for a life altering experience, the perfect accompaniment to a bacchanalia within nightfall.

The new LP "Mystique" is available April 15, 2022 on Vinyl & Digitally via streaming services internationally.



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Previous Tour Dates 

September 2023 • Europe

22 Budapest Hungary - Aurora Modularis w/Phantasy Bureau + Guests

23 Beograd Serbia - Jugošpedu w/Asphalt Chant + DJ Akasha + DJ Nenad B.

24 Sofia Bulgaria- The Pit w/Guests


August 2023 • Europe/Asia

25 Batumi Georgia- Gigliz Bistro w/ Sedato

26 Tbilisi Georgia - Junkyard w/ Tvar + Kosmoss 


July 2023 • Europe

14 Berlin - Madame Claude 

April 2023 • Latin America

14 Friday - Mexico City, Mexico • FORO BIZZARO • ARKANA SIE7E PRESENTA • Ekko the Strange + El Ojo Y La Navaja + Coronel Nubula + Identik Fact w/DJ sets from: Noir Shell + Bulletproof + J. Praga + Eddie Ripper AND VJ Set by ERROR 404 + Denova + Bulletproof

15 Saturday - Puebla, Mexico • ARKANA SIE7E PRESENTA• Santos Remidios • Ekko the Strange + Guests 

21 Friday - Medellín, Colombia • CLUB LIBIDO PRESENTA • Ekko the Strange + Stalker Ego + DJ Traume + Visual Art by Time Machine 

22 Saturday- Bogota, Colombia • ANSIA FESTIVAL PRESENTA - Asilo Bar • Ekko the Strange + Climas Interiores 

29 Saturday - La Paz, Bolivia • ANTIGÉNESIS PRODUCCIONES PRESENTA- RCA BAR • Ekko the Strange + Abisal + Lazaro + Loki


May 2023 • USA

4 Seattle • El Corazon w/ 2 Libras 

5 Tacoma • The Valley w/ 2 Libras

7  Eugene • Old Nick’s Tavern

11 Boise • The Shredder w/Noxnovacula + Bonehaus + Mall Goth Moths 

13 Reno • Shea’s Tavern w/ Guests

The Year 2022

APRIL 2022 • USA

13 WEDNESDAY • Boise, Idaho - Neurolux w/SCRY

15 FRIDAY • Portland, Oregon - Coffin Club w/THE PRIDS

23 SATURDAY • Ashland, Oregon - Private Darkness w/Guests

24 SUNDAY • Santa Cruz, CA - Blue Lagoon w/ VIO\ATOR


MAY 2022 • Europe

29 SUNDAY • Warszawa, Poland - Pogłos - W/ Mayflower Madame


JUNE 2022 • Latin America

10 FRIDAY • Mexico City, Mexico - BLVCK X TNSN CDMX

11  SATURDAY • Puebla, Mexico with Arkana 

17 FRIDAY • Medellin, Columbia - Libido Bar

25 SATURDAY • Lima, Peru - FRIO INVERNO Gothic Wave Fest w/ Selofan(GR), Climas Interiores(COL),SCHMERZ (PE)


JULY 2022 • Latin America

2 SATURDAY • Santiago, Chile - The Gothic Calling

9 SATURDAY  • La Paz, Bolivia - AntiGenesis Productions 


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